Blessed are the Pollinators Project
Blessed are the Pollinators Project

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What is Seeding Hope?

This is a social network dedicated to connecting with each other, having constructive conversations, asking questions, sharing our stories, sharing info, showing our successes and solving problems, all revolving around creating beneficial habitat.

I ask you, "is it worth the effort to try to create connections between people and nature?"" Is it worth your efforts to take responsibility for a small pockets of habitat: shelters, food sources, watering holes, nesting grounds?"

Who benefits? You will. The birds will. The pollinators will. The soil will. 

Many of the environmental problems we face have gotten to where they are because of people throwing their hands in the air and not being involved. Apathy.

To step into the challenge of creating habitat you will need:

 #1. A belief that plants, birds, pollinators, healthy soils are essential to our lives.

 #2. A belief that it is possible to build pockets of habitats and connect them to              each other to create bee highways and migratory safe havens.

 #3. A belief that our actions will be meaningful, connect us, inspire us and give              us satisfaction. 

 #4. A belief that this is a project and this is the place where you want get involved,        participate and take action.

We need to improve the places in which we live, and work. Seeding Hope is about improving the quality of our environment, the places in which we live and work, our sense of well-being, and our own contentment when we make things better than they were.

Seeding Hope is an invitation to imagine.... to get involved.

Imagine.... whole lot of individuals creating a whole lot of small pockets of a variety of habitats: shelters, food sources, watering holes, nesting grounds. 

Imagine.... if all of us put our brain power into creating better places, amazing things will happen.

Imagine.... connecting habitats to allow species to move across our landscape.

Imagine.... what a vibrant, healthy, neighborhood might look like.

“The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have                    perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”           JM Barrie

I have faith we can make a difference. 

The big-ass, hairy goal is to plant bee highways and provide                         migratory safe havens all over our towns.

So together, let’s get started saving the planet one yard at a time.

Let’s become a band of collaborators. 

Join us, create your profile and start connecting.